This all exists because of Jen’s two daughters.

Jen’s oldest daughter, Nena, is a perfectionist. Ever since she could grasp a crayon, Nena loved to draw. But whenever something wasn’t perfect (and how could a 2 year old expect to draw a perfect circle?), she would cry and yell and want to give up.

Jen was a terrible illustrator, or rather she had absolutely no experience. So, she decided to sit at Nena’s little table and draw beside her daughter. Together, they drew many terrible things, but had lots of fun trying, failing, and trying again. And eventually, after hours and hours of practice, they both improved.

Jen’s youngest daughter, Lulu, was (and still is) a rock collector. No matter where she went, she would fill her pockets and her hands with rocks. Jen would find rocks everywhere – in the car, in clothes, in beds, in purses, in shoes. Sometimes Lulu would paint the rocks, doodle on them, or just enjoy them in their natural state.

Over time, Jen learned this rock obsession was not uncommon. And for some kids, they grew up into “rock hounding” adults. Jen wanted to tell Lulu’s story in a way that would appeal to young toddlers and kids just like her daughter. So, having improved her illustration skills thanks to the hours of practice with Nena, Jen set out to author and illustrate “I Found a Rock.”

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